A membership with Tuatha contributes meaningful support of the Irish heritage industry. We’re a small self-funded company based in Clonmel, Tipperary. By choosing to join Tuatha, you contribute to the wages of our in-house team of archaeologists, heritage professionals and historians, allowing us to pursue valuable research in their fields. This research is then returned to you in expertly-crafted articles, courses, itineraries and webinars, available to all our members.

You will also help support the many researchers, heritage professionals and enthusiasts who love sharing their expertise and passions. When we engage external experts and professionals for talks and tours, we believe in paying them fairly for the time and knowledge they give us.

And by joining it allows us invest even more in running tours and events for members, and to greater engage with the public. We believe Ireland’s incredible heritage belongs to everyone, and that all communities on this island have valuable stories to tell.